Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday (Hopefully) Funday

Here's to me wishing, oh so desperately, that I was at #NYFW! I hope this mecca of fashion is part of my near future. :)
Photo via NYFW Website.
Unfortunately I have a MASSIVE exam tomorrow that has capitalized all of my time this weekend and will be my only focus from the time I wake up until its over! Therefore, no time for outfit posts for me. :( However, I managed to squeeze in some much needed shopping time with some new friends at the beginning of the weekend and I am so excited to share my new finds with you soon! For a little sneak peek, think flowy blouses in classic colors but exciting prints. :) I am so thrilled to have these new pieces in my wardrobe. There is nothing better than knowing the perfect new things are happily waiting in your closet for you. Am i right?! Have y'all (yes, I go to school in the south) found any amazing wardrobe additions lately? Do tell!

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